Memorial for John Brantingham



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Memorial for John Brantingham

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Short Memorial for John Brantingham




Sarah (Brantingham) Crawford




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Unpublished manuscript

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The following is the entirety of the memorial:
John Brantingham, son of Martin and Margaret (Holloway) was born on 9th mo., 27, 1822 at Marlboro, Ohio. His childhood was spent on a farm very near the Marlboro meeting house which at that time was a large meeting, but dwindled, owing to separations. Many moving away, and deaths. It was discontinued in 1895.
John Brantingham and Hannah Carr were married at Marlboro, 11th mo., 15, 1849, where their married life was mostly spent, with the exception of a few years when they lived in Iowa. When the M.M. at Marlboro was discontinued, they were attached to Upper Springfield M.M., (held at Damascus, Ohio); and he was acknowledged a Minister by that meeting 1st Mo., 27th, 1871. Many were his trials and provings, feeling that he was one of the very least; and I have heard him say he would gladly have given up his natural life, would that have been accepted instead of this more public service he felt was required of him. He labored much amongst our own meetings and members. In 1872 he obtained a minute to attend Philadelphia Y.M., and some of the meetings belonging thereto. Also, if way should open for it, to visit most, or all the families belonging to Sewickly M.M. within the compass of our own Y.M.
In 1874 he was liberated to visit nearly all of the meetings comprising Ohio Y.M., and to appoint some meetings among those of other religious societies, and if way opened nearly all the families composing Stillwater Q.M., and some other families and individuals.
In 1882 he again obtained a minute from his M.M. to visit Philadelphia Y.M. and some of the meetings belonging thereto also to appoint some public meetings. In the same year he obtained a minute to attend all the meetings of Hickory Grove Quarterly Meeting and most of the families thereof, also to appoint meetings in Ohio, Indiana, and Iowa as Truth might open the way. 2nd mo., 23, 1882 he returned this minute, and informed that he had attended to the prospect as far as truth had opened the way to the peace of his own mind. That he attended nearly all the meetings composing the families of Hickory Grove Q.M. Our Friend Joseph Stratton, who accompanied him on more than one occasion wrote to those of us at home, after a very close exercise, "That he had proved himself a workman who need not be ashamed."
John Brantingham, a minister and member of Upper Springfield Monthly and Marlborough Particular Meeting, departed this life the 12th of 9th mo., 1884 in the 62nd year of his life. "Mark the perfect man and behold the upright for the end of that man is peace."
(This manuscript was written by Sarah B. Crawford. Corrections were made by Grandfather Thomas A. Crawford. Esther Brantingham)