Draft Pages of the Ohio YM Historic Atlas



This page provides links to the draft pages of the Ohio YM historic atlas that is being written.
The links to the right indicate all pages. Pages currently in draft form have a link to a pdf. Note that the pdfs are intended to be two-page spreads in the final booklet.
Feel free to send comments to sethhinshaw@yahoo.com. It is fine to include comments about additional information, corrections, or editorial comments. I have received many e-mails with recommended changes, and I have been making them - even though I have not been able to get back with people quickly thanking them for their comments and suggestions. The deadline for sending me information or photos is 6/1.


The Society of Friends in North America in 1775
Hopewell Monthly Meeting 1775-1778
Westland and Redstone 1779-1790
Some Interesting Redstone QM Friends of 1775-1800
Redstone Quarterly Meeting 1790-1800
Quakers First Settle in Ohio 1800-1805
Continued Expansion in Ohio 1805-1812
Ohio Yearly Meeting Established 1812-1813
Some Interesting Friends of 1800-1825
North American Quakers in 1812
Ohio Yearly Meeting 1813-1820
Indiana Yearly Meeting set off from Ohio YM 1820
Ohio Yearly Meeting 1820-1826
Orthodox and Hicksite 1827-1828
Some Interesting Friends of 1825-1850
Ohio Yearly Meeting Hicksite 1828-1900
Beacon, Bates, Baptism, and Boarding School 1829-1840
Ohio Friends 1840-1850
The Wilburite World 1840-1875
Ohio Wilburite and Gurneyite 1850-1854
Ohio YM (G) / Eastern Region 1854 to 2013
Ohio YM (Wilburite) 1855-1860
Some Interesting Ohio Friends of 1850-1875
Civil War and Iowa Friends 1860-1870
Ohio General Meeting 1862-1877
Ohio Wilburites 1870-1880
The Wider Conservative World 1875-1915
Ohio YM (Conservative) 1880-1890
Some Interesting Ohio Friends of 1875-1900
Ohio Yearly Meeting 1890-1900
Ohio Hicksites 1900-1937
Ohio Friends 1900-1910
Some Interesting Ohio Friends of 1900-1925
World War I, Fairhope, & Iowa 1910-1920
Revised Discipline 1920-1930
Some Interesting Ohio Friends of 1925-1950
Ohio Yearly Meeting (Barnesville) 1930-1940
OYM and World War II 1940-1950
Opening the Hedge 1950-1960
Cleveland and Uniontown 1960-1970
Some Interesting Ohio Friends of 1950-1975
Tongues and Bonnets 1970-1980
Christian Re-Focus 1980-1990
Some Interesting Ohio Friends of 1975-2000
A Tumultuous Decade 1990-2000
A Renewed Purpose 2000-2013
Some Interesting Ohio Friends of 2000-2013
Some Interesting Ohio Friends of 2000-2013