Quaker Chronicle Information & FAQ


Site Organization
This site is organized into two large sections and several smaller sections. The two larger sections are databases for members and for meetings / appointments. Embedded links are used to organize the data.

This site has been created with the idea that people like thee can look at the pages and add information about a person, place, or event. Thus the site grows as users add the information they have.

Perhaps the best way to understand how the site is organized is to go to the Ohio YM page linked at the top of each page and start clicking around. The information is organized in a simple way, and it won't take thee too long to begin understanding it - and then beginning to add information thee remembers about people!

This site is owned by a member of Ohio Yearly Meeting. It is not an official site of any Quaker organizational body. Information posted here should be factual and presented with as little bias as possible.

Send correspondence to sethhinshaw [at] yahoo [dot] com.


With the increasing amount of internet fraud and manipulation, this site intends to protect private information. Only a limited amount of personal details will be displayed for living people.