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John Heald Memorial

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A testimony from Middleton Monthly Meeting Ohio concerning John Heald.




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Approved by Middleton MM, Salem QM, and the Ohio YM Meeting for Sufferings. The original manuscript is located in the YM vault at Olney with the papers of the Representative Meeting.

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The following is the entirety of the text, with some alterations noted that were made by the Meeting for Sufferings.

A testimony from Middleton Monthly Meeting Ohio concerning John Heald.

This our dear friend was born in Loudon County, Virginia, 5th of 9th mo. 1763. And being early favoured with the Heavenly visitation he yielded to [note: the original Middleton document read that he "became acquainted with"] the discipline of the cross and was united to the society of friends about the time he arrived to manhood.

It appears that he at times strove against conviction; yet learning obedience by the things he suffered, he became distinguished for his upright walking and care in supporting our various Christian testimonies; and by a careful indwelling with the Divine gift his heart was enlarged in love to God and good will to man.

About the 27th year of his age he yielded to an impression of duty which had cost him much exercise, and became a public advocate for the cause of his dear Lord and Master and being careful not to go before his guide he appeared mostly in a few words and not very frequently for several years. And as he increased in his gift & in experience he was acknowledged a minister by this Monthly Meeting about the year 1803 (he having previously removed to this neighborhood). He was careful not to let the things of time engross his attention so as to prevent him from attending to his religious duty.

He visited nearly all the meetings of friends on this continent and many of them several times; frequently appointing meetings from amongst friends and we have reason to believe that his labours in the Gospel were serviceable where his lot was cast.

He was also at various times engaged in the important work of visiting families for which he was well qualified. He encouraged both by example and precept the daily reading of the Holy scriptures; and though charity and Christian forbearance were conspicuous traits in his character, he promoted the due exercise of our discipline without partiality or unnecessary delay.

He was through life a good example in the attendance of our religious meetings, and careful to assemble in season; often presenting himself when under great bodily weakness and suffering. He was frequently and acceptably engaged in testimony.

Knowing well the value of unity in the church he labored much to promote that charity which thinketh no evil; and nearly the last public testimony he bore amongst us was to show that evil surmising is incompatible with the love of our Father in Heaven - that if we love God we must love our Brother also.

Being afflicted with a very painful disease, and some friends coming to see him he said "I have nearly finished my course; I have fought the good fight and have kept the faith. Henceforth there is laid up for me a crown of righteousness which the Lord the righteous judge shall give me at that day." A few days previous to his decease he appeared peaceful; said that he was an unprofitable servant, that he had done no more than his duty; adding "It is not by works of my righteousness that I have done but through mercy all of his mercy if I am saved which I hope and trust will be my happy experience [note: the Meeting for Sufferings crossed out the following words here: "and that he will not leave me nor forsake me." In the last conflict, difficulty of breathing prevented his lying in bed and his mental faculties in some degree sympathized with his bodily infirmities so that he could not always convey his ideas in correct terms; but he]." He frequently commemorated the triumphs of redeeming grace; saying "the redeemed of the Lord shall come to Zion with songs and everlasting joy upon their heads."

His suffering at times were exceedingly great until near the close; but he appeared to be favoured with the spirit of supplication as long as he could speak; and then seemed to fall into an easy slumber and departed this life the 26th of 5th month 1841 in the 78th year of his age. [Note: the original Middleton text was different, with the following words between "slumber" and the date of his death: "drew his breath shorter & shorter until he ceased to breathe on".]

And we have comfortable belief that he has entered into that rest which is prepared for the just of all generations.

Signed by direction of the meeting aforesaid held the 9th day of the 2nd month 1843 by Levi Boulton and Martha Heald, Clerks.

Read, approved, and directed to be endorsed and forwarded to the meeting for sufferings. - taken from the minutes of Salem Quarterly meeting held 13th of 8th [month] 1843. Charles Hole, Clerk for the day, and Priscilla Fisher, Clerk.

Approved by the Meeting for sufferings - Jos. Edgerton, Clk.