Memorial for Ruth Walton



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Memorial for Ruth Walton

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Some Account of the last sickness, expressions, and death, of Ruth Walton, wife of Benjamin Walton, of Pike Run Township, Washington County, and state of Pennsylvania.




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Approved by Westland MM, Redstone QM, and the Baltimore YM Meeting for Sufferings.

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The following is the entirety of the memorial:
Some account of the last sickness, expressions, and death, of Ruth Walton, wife of Benjamin Walton, of Pike Run Township, Washington County, and state of Pennsylvania.
She was confined about six months, with a complication of painful disorders, which she endeavored to bear with patience. In the fore part of her sickness, she expressed to some friends, who had a favored opportunity with her and family, a concern which had often been on her mind, and especially of late, that Friends might transact their church business in th life, and avoid all forms that did not add weight to the cause; and she was particularly exercised about the manner of some Preparative Meetings answering the queries, which she thought was in too easy, formal a way, and the meeting did not get down into a close inspection of its state; so that where deficiencies were found, care might be taken to have them removed.
She in an affectionate manner, expressed to her husband, a few weeks before her death, that she thought her stay with him would not be long; and that she had found it to be a great thing to be wholly weaned from the world; yet she fully believed that when she went, she should go in innocency.
She manifested a care during her confinement, not to express more of her state of mind, or assurance of future peace, than she sensibly felt; though when inquired of, she gave full satisfaction in that respect, in a modest way.
She dictated a letter to such of her children who were married, and settled at a distance, wherein she manifested a desire that their affections might be so weaned from the things of time as to make suitable preparation for eternity; and that they might attend to this important business whilst in health, and be ready to wait on the pains of the body, when brought to such a time as had then fallen to her lot.
She was very much concerned for her children, who were unmarried; tenderly and pressingly exhorting them to plainness and sobriety. Her care was not altogether confined to her own; but she took opportunities to communicate to others, what impressed her mind concerning them.
At one time, she had her present children called to her, and expressed to them, and several other Friends, to the following import; which she afterwards desired might be spread amongst Friends, viz.: --
Having my mind gathered inward, and viewing time near a close, and eternity at hand, I heard a voice intelligible to mine inward ear, saying, call in thy sons and thy daughters, and tell them I have no pleasure in prodigal sons and daughters, or haughty sons and daughters; tell them that I loathe all these; and the cause appeared plain to my understanding, why they were called prodigal and haughty sons and daughters; and it was thus said - they run on in their own wills, and do not ask counsel of me, nor of them whom I have placed as counsellors; but have chosen their own ways, and run out into the vain and foolish fashions of the world, the sons in their prodigal dress, and the daughters in their short waists, and round head dress; these things I feel the Lord's controversy to be against; these things have lain heavy on my mind for several days, but through the Lord's tender mercy, I have been abilitated to relieve my mind towards my dear children, now present; but I feel the concern to extend further, having observed with sorrow of heart, Friends' children pursuing the vanity of dress, and some of the dear babes trained up in it; for these things my heart mourns. Oh! parents, what are you about; know assuredly, that inquisition for blood will be made; what will you answer the Lord when it is demanded of you, what have you done with those tender lambs committed to your care. I desire that every class may be aroused to consider these things, that they may know what they shall answer when they are called to an account, and in a particular manner, the Elders, and all the watchmen and watchwomen to whom the care of the flock is committed. Oh! saith my soul, that you, through a faithful discharge of duty, may render up your accounts with joy, and not with grief.
She departed this life (we believe) in a sweet frame of mind, the 2d of he 6th month, 1805, in the 61st year of her age, and was interred in Friends' grave yard, at Pike Run, after which a solemn meeting was held.
Signed on behalf of Westland Monthly Meeting, held the 24th of the 8th mo., 1805, by Thomas Farquhar, Clk.
At Redstone Quarterly Meeting, held at Westland, the 2d day of the 9th mo., 1805, the above memorial was read, approved, and directed to be forwarded to the Meeting for Sufferings. Signed on behalf of said Meeting, by Thomas Farquhar, Clk.