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Thomas A. Crawford



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Brisbane, Australia

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Toowong Anglican Burial Ground

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Sarah (Brantingham) Crawford 1881-1930


— 12/29/1881 Marlborough FMH

Thomas A. Crawford was a minister in Upper Springfield MM in the early twentieth century.

Crawford was born in Ireland on 11/29/1858. In 1876, Crawford left his family in Ireland and moved to Canada. He lived in Canada for two years, then moved to Damascus, Ohio.

Crawford began attending the Upper Springfield Meeting in Damascus. In early 1881, he bagan courting Sarah Brantingham, a daughter of renowned minister John Brantingham and his wife Hannah. Crawford applied to become a member and also announced his intention to marry Sarah Brantingham. Crawford was received into membership in the fall of 1881, and then he and Sarah were married at Marlborough on 12/29/1881.

A notice about the wedding ran in the Stark County Democrat on 1/5/1882.

A wedding of rare occurrence took place in this vicinity [on 12/29/1881], rare because it was solemnized under the rules of the Society of Friends. This is something unusual in our community, as there has not been a wedding of the kind in this neighborhood for twenty-five years. The parties were Thomas A. Crawford and Sarah E. Brantingham. As they published their intention, it was generally known and the house was densely crowded. After the services ... they repaired to the residence of the bride's father where a sumptuous dinner was awaiting them. Over fifty partook of the bountiful repast. [The Crawfords] were the recipients of many valuable presents, including glassware, silverware, and valuable books.

Crawford worked as a superintendent of a creamery in the late nineteenth century and then as a farmer. He was also active in Upper Springfield Meeting. He was recognized as a minister and was appointed Clerk of the yearly meeting of ministers and elders, a post he held for twenty years. Crawford served on the Boarding School Committee for 40 years.

Sarah (Brantingham) Crawford died in 1930. Thomas Crawford then sold the family farm. He had a desire to visit his family in Ireland and Australia. Crawford obtained a passport and departed for England in Ninth Month 1931. He first stopped in London, then sailed to Belfast before visiting his remaining family in Ireland. He had not seen any of his family for 52 years. Crawford then sailed for Australia, where a brother had relocated many years earlier. While visiting with his brother in Brisbane, Australia, Crawford fell and experienced a fractured skull. He was taken to the Brisbana General Hospital, where he died on 6/9/1933. His remains were interred in the Episcopal burial ground in Toowong.

Sources: EAQG 4:945.




Upper Springfield Monthly Meeting 1881-1933


Upper Springfield Men's MM Assistant Clerk 1886-1891

Upper Springfield Men's MM Clerk 1891-

Upper Springfield MM Minister 1896-1933

Ohio YM of M&E Clerk 1901-1924





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